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SatLink CEO: iDirect Collaboration Crucial to Long-Term Strategy in Asia

By | November 16, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY Insider 11-16-10] SatLink Communications will deploy an iDirect Evolution network that is intended to enhance the data services SatLink offers by expanding its capacity for new customers, SatLink CEO David Hochner told Satellite TODAY Insider.
          According to Hochner, the partnership is an investment in SatLinks long-term business strategy, implementing infrastructure to support new services, including hub hosting and virtual network operations (VNO). “SatLink’s core data, video and IP transmission businesses were already strong, so we decided to add the new network to further the services we offer to our partners. Our new infrastructure is enabling SatLink to be better equipped to access the high-end maritime broadcast market, which focuses on the global broadcast of high-quality video and related content to the maritime sector. As we market our upgraded global VNO and related services, we expect to see Asia be an important facet of these initiatives.”
          Asia is a key target market for SatLink, which provides the prime gateway for all types of content to and from Asia. The company maintains satellite platforms, such as the MCPC on AsiaSat-5, and holds access to all satellites covering the region. Hochner said the partnership also places great importance on its fiber access throughout the region. “Our fiber access also stretches to the Pacific Rim, along with Australia and New Zealand. Market opportunities in Asia and the Pacific are continuing for SatLink, and we can say that these operations keep us busy and excited. We can say that business from Asia generates substantial revenues for our services. ”
          SatLink will continue to ramp-up its activities in Asia and is working to grow its presence in the market by adding sales and marketing resources directed to Asia and the Pacific region. “We are looking to work closely and cooperate with regional and local fiber and satellite providers. We have found that adding partnerships with like-minded partners and ground stations is advantageous in penetrating more markets,” he said.
          Broadening the customer base will be Hochner’s focus in 2011. “With broadcasters, communications companies, governments and their agencies and satellite operators all growing, SatLink is in a position to generate revenues and increase our footprint throughout our various markets. We believe that with the addition of more bandwidth throughput and speed and levels of reliability with the new network, we can better address the needs of the various data markets.”

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