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Globecomm Wins African Wireless Managed Services Contract

By | November 12, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 11-12-10] Satellite-based managed network solutions provider Globecomm Systems was selected by an unnamed contractor to provide wireless managed services in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Globecomm announced Nov. 11.
          Globecomm will provide CDMA-450 switching facilities for voice and data services to wireless operator subscribers and interconnected partners in Sierra Leone. The services will be connected via satellite to Globecomm’s hosted mobile switch controller and value-added services in New York. The network will incorporate a WiMax network for additional connectivity throughout the city.
         “Our hosted mobile core switch continues to help wireless carriers profitably introduce wireless technologies in developing markets without a major capital or operational investment. It also demonstrates Globecomm’s value proposition by bringing our wireless managed services to Africa and addressing the strong data market for internet and private corporate VPN data networks,” Globecomm Senior Vice President and General Manager of Services Andy Silberstein said in a statement.

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