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ND SatCom Enters the Cloud Computing Market through Citrix Partership

By | November 11, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY Insider 11-11-10] ND SatCom has become the first certified Citrix partner in the field of satellite communication thanks to ND Satcom’s XWARP cloud computing solution, the company announced Nov. 9.
          Citrix, a U.S. based information technology solutions supplier, partnered with ND Satcom to integrate various components from both companies to create the XWARP satellite-based cloud computing solution. Technologies included in the solution are: Citrix virtualization, a zero-latency engine, an intelligent management system for secure private satellite network connection, security features and a SkyWAN satellite modem to support the zero-latency engine.
          Many satellite industry companies and customers have voiced support for the future of satellite in the cloud computing world. Duncan McCarthy, a research scientist with the U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), told Satellite TODAY Insider that he expects satellite players to invest more in having a cloud computing capability. “I would suspect satellite companies would be investing in their own cloud computing capabilities at ground stations so data can be brought down and processed into information so more sophisticated products might quickly be delivered to customers.”
          GeoEye CTO Brian O’Toole said cloud computing could enable the satellite industry to build and offer new services to new sets of customers through subscription-based business models and cited Netflix as an example of the solution’s commercial benefits.  “Customers may want to subscribe to imagery content for an area of interest and have that streamed directly into their business environment. If you take a look at what NetFlix is doing with on-demand services, you will see that they are starting to shift to focus on providing movies on demand through your cable box and over the Internet. I think the next 10 years will be exciting as we see new information products emerge with the added benefit of flexible access and delivery through cloud enabled solutions.”

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