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MTN Provides Broadband Ship-to-Shore Medical Services Connectivity

By | November 4, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 11-04-10] MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), a provider of communications, connectivity and content services, has equipped yachts in Burger Boat Co. shipyards with a communication suite that includes an onboard medical treatment facility with 24/7 videoconferencing capability, the company announced Nov. 3.
          Burger’s 142-foot (43-meter) tri-deck motoryacht Sea Owl is the first private yacht to be fitted with a high-tech medical facility supplied by medical services company Guardian 24/7.
          MTN’s DirectNet managed satellite communication service on Sea Owl aims to provide a guaranteed committed information rate of 512 Kbps synchronously, which means 1 megabyte of guaranteed bandwidth with the ability to burst up to 2 Mbps to support the Guardian videoconferencing and other voice and data traffic to and from the vessel at sea.     
          “We have the power to save lives with this breakthrough technology. With MTN’s reliable broadband, global satellite service and our advanced medical equipment and services, we can remotely allow a team of world-class physicians, including specialists, to manage life-threatening conditions, such as strokes, long before a medical response team could reach the patient, especially when the yacht is cruising in remote locations,” Brian O’Mara, vice president of client development for Guardian 24/7, said in a statement.

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