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Report: Global Billing Systems Market Will Speed Up Lagging Growth Rate by 2014

By | October 15, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 10-15-10] The worldwide global billing systems market, which is often complimented by enterprise satellite delivery technology, is forecast to grow to $5.6 billion in 2014 after hitting the $4.7 billion mark in 2009, global telecoms, media and IT adviser Analysys Mason said in a report issued Oct. 14.
          While the market’s CAGR rate is steady at 3.7 percent, Analysys Mason said the market’s growth rate has been slower than expected due to limited customer spending on postpaid billing solutions. However, Analysys Mason Principal Analyst Peter Mottishaw said spending on billing software would recover in the long-term. “This will be driven by growth in the number of subscribers in emerging markets, competition in mature and emerging markets, and growth in mobile data and related services.”
          Mottishaw added that growth will also be driven by customer service providers’ need to reduce cost structures and support new business models, “as well as by the growth of cloud-computing and renewed interest in convergence projects.”
          According to the report, partner and interconnect billing will be the fastest-growing segment, with spending on these systems growing at 6.7 percent to $600 million in 2014. “Partner settlement will become increasingly important as CSPs sign up new partners to support new business opportunities. Settlement for mobile roaming will also contribute to growth,” said Mottishaw.

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