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GE Satcom Launches Triple-Play Maritime VSAT Service

By | September 16, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 09-16-10] GE Satcom, a service provider in the EMEA reagion, has unveiled the commercial launch of a satellite-based communications service for merchant vessel operators based on iDirect’s Intelligent platform, iDirect announced Sept. 15.
          The service has completed a six-month pilot testing program and has been scheduled for an initial roll out to 14 commercial ships. To support the new service, GE Satcom will upgrade its current satellite infrastructure to iDirect’s Evolution product line.
          GE Satcom’s maritime broadband solution will deliver a triple-play service bundle with prepay access to Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone, Internet and TV news and sports highlights that can be multiplexed into any cabin, technical or recreation room.
          The flat-rate service will cover major shipping lanes across Asia and Europe using Ku-band as the primary link, with the ability to automatically switch to L-Band as a back-up solution.  GE Satcom plans to utilize iDirect’s automatic beam switching feature to ensure that customers maintain seamless connectivity as their vessels cross multiple satellite footprints, without needing an onboard technician to manually handle transitions between Ku-band beams.

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