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Stratos Installs FleetBroadband Service on Taiwanese Shipping Fleet

By | September 10, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 09-10-10] Stratos Global has deployed the Inmarsat FleetBroadband satellite communications service on Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine’s entire fleet of 70 container vessels, with 28 additional vessels scheduled for deployment for Evergreen subsidiaries, Stratos announced Sept. 8.
          Evergreen integrated FleetBroadband from Stratos with AmosConnect to manage all email, fax, SMS and interoffice communications and ensure optimal vessel performance and crew productivity.
          Evergreen also has the option to use FleetBroadband for engine-performance analysis and emissions monitoring, which aims to help reduce fuel costs and comply with emissions regulations. The shipping company also is testing Stratos’ Blue Ocean Wireless GSM service – a dedicated GSM service for crewmembers and officers of merchant ships that can be deployed via FleetBroadband terminals.
          “Stratos completed installation on these 70 vessels in only three months. Efficient system deployment was made possible by Stratos’ ability to provide a single source for installation, airtime and meticulous customer support – from Hong Kong in our local Mandarin language,” Evergreen Executive Vice President Patrick Lin said in a statement.

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