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Vizada, Nautical Install Mandatory Data Services on Spanish Fishing Vessels

By | September 3, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 09-03-10] Vizada has teamed up with service provider Nautical to provide the Inmarsat FleetBroadband service to more than 300 Spanish fishing vessels, the companies announced Sept. 2.
          The partners will provide a package that comprises Vizada airtime, an Inmarsat Sailor FleetBroadband terminal, the Elog software package developed by the Spanish government for recording catch data, and Vizada’s proprietary SkyFile Mail software for secure data transmission.
           Vizada is installing the service to enable the shipping vesels to comply with European Union (EU) regulations that require all fishing vessels of more than 24 metres (78 feet) to supply reports of catch, trans-shipments, landings and sales electronically to European fishing authorities. These regulations were adopted by the EU in July.
      Fishing companies will receive grants of up to 4,500 euros ($5770) from the Spanish government to subsidize the purchase of the package.

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