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APL Develops Temperature-Sensitive Satellite Tracking Service

By | August 31, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 08-31-10] Global shipping line APL has created SmarTemp, a satellite tracking service that monitors the temperature and humidity of refrigerated containers carrying sensitive cargo, APL announced Aug. 30.
          APL said it has developed and tested the new SmarTemp service for the past two years. SmarTemp aims to provide real-time data on reefer containers from origin to destination, eliminating processes such as post-voyage cargo validation to ensure sensitive high-value products such as pharmaceuticals are fit to market and the need for shippers to make additional investments in measuring equipment.
          “In SmarTemp, APL has created the industry’s most vigorous freight monitoring and protection capabilities. It offers unrivalled time, cost and quality advantages to shippers of products which have zero tolerance for supply chain downtime,” APL President Eng Aik Meng said in a statement.

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