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STM Group Launches SatLink 2000 VSAT Unit

By | August 27, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 08-27-10] The STM Group has launched the its SatLink 2000 VSAT Indoor Unit (IDU), supporting IP throughput up to 30 Mbps and operating on DVB-S2 carriers at information rates over 160 Mbps, the company announced Aug. 26.
          STM said it is targeting the government and large corporate markets with the product as it is suitable for interactive data, voice over IP, and IP video conferencing applications. STM also hopes the product gains traction in other markets, aiming to provide small business applications and premium residential services for Internet access, high-definition voice, and IPTV.
          The SatLink 2000 was certified by SatLabs as DVB-RCS compliant to the latest version of the standard. It provides burst-mode MF-TDMA for return link communications at up to 5 Mega symbols per second.
          “The SatLink 2000 is the next-generation of high-performance VSAT IDU ideal for new broadband services, such as those being planned for high-throughput Ka-band satellites around the world. The days when VSAT connections were limited to one or two Mbps are gone. With the SatLink 2000, individual VSAT traffic loads can exceed 20 Mbps outbound, and 10 Mbps inbound, with all of it dynamically assigned per IP application,” STM Spokesman Richard Forberg said in a statement.

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