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RigNet to Provide Satellite Services to Seahawk Drilling Fleet

By | July 8, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 07-08-10] RigNet has entered into a multi-year contract with Seahawk Drilling, an oil drilling services company in the Gulf of Mexico, to provide managed remote communications for its fleet of offshore rigs, RigNet announced July 7.
           RigNet will provide fully managed VoIP, FoIP, data and Internet access services across the entire Seahawk fleet, which includes twenty jack-up rigs in the United States. The deal also includes installation of communications infrastructure for hardware, including cabling, phones, modems and fax machines as well as software applications, bandwidth and network connections, testing and training and year-round 24-hour live monitoring and technical support.
           Seahawk also is using RigNet’s TurboNet service to improve the speed and performance of software applications running over its satellite links. RigNet, in partnership with Seahawk, will design and manage Seahawk’s wide-area network connecting Seahawk’s rig fleet to its Houston headquarters.
           Financial details of the contract were not disclosed.

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