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Blue Sky Enters Maritime GPS Tracking Partnership with Upland Consulting

By | May 25, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 05-25-10] Blue Sky Network, a service provider for Iridium-based GPS tracking and communication solutions, and Upland Consulting, a management and strategy services firm, will partner to implement FuelTrax marine fuel management and GPS tracking on offshore support vessels in Nigeria, the companies announced May 24. 
          Developed by Nautical Control Solutions of Houston, Texas, the FuelTrax technology aims to provide increased accountability, safety, and efficiency on boats in the African region.
          Blue Sky Network’s D2000 GPS tracking and communications transceiver will work in coordination with FuelTrax. Fuel consumption information from FuelTrax will be incorporated with Blue Sky’s SkyRouter software service to let those onshore communicate with crewmembers, track vessel location and monitor fuel consumption.
          “Fuel loss has long been an issue for marine operators in Nigeria and other parts of the world.  In combination with rapidly growing worldwide concern over energy consumption, the task of improving fuel efficiency takes on greater importance,” Blue Sky Network CEO Jon Gilbert said in a statement. 

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