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Cathay Pacific Airways Selects Arinc EFB Management Services

By | April 22, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 04-22-10] Cathay Pacific Airways has selected Arinc’s AeroConnx Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) datalink communication solution for its fleet, Arinc announced April 21.
          Cathay Pacific installed the system on its B777-300 aircraft and has begun operational evaluations. Arinc also deployed its GateFusion service to provide Cathay Pacific with high-bandwidth gatelink at Hong Kong International Airport in support of the operational trial.
          Arinc is under contract with Cathay Pacific to deliver its AeroSync management solution to Cathay Pacific offices, with support for portable USB storage devices, ACARS, gatelink, and satellite communications, including Iridium and Inmarsat.
          “The way airlines use and manage information is changing very rapidly, and new onboard systems like electronic flight bags and media such as Gatelink and Iridium are being used to support applications like electronic charts, documents, techlogs and real-time credit card authorizations,” Cathay Pacific Airways General Manager Russell Davie said in a statement.

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