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ND SatCom Ready to Release Satellite Cloud Computing Software

By | April 12, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 04-12-10] ND SatCom will introduce XWARP, a new IT solution that aims to offer their customers and service providers almost latency-free cloud computing software at the user’s front end, the company announced April 9.
           The solution is designed to work with business critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, SharePoint and MS Office. XWARP’s concept is based on the use of Citrix’ XenApp in the data center and ND SatCom’s SkyWAN, a MF-TDMA satellite router, and can either be implemented in an existing terrestrial network environment, in existing Citrix infrastructure or as a completely new network environment. 
          “With XWARP, companies can provide virtualized applications from their data centers to users anywhere and anytime, and minimize latency in satellite-based IT networks to almost zero with our new technology enhancements,” ND SatCom spokesman Christian Adolph said in a statement.

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