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SES Inks NSS-7 Deal with U.S. Digital Signage Content Provider

By | January 28, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 01-28-10] SES World Skies signed a DVB service deal with U.S. content delivery firm Microspace to offer retail digital signage services throughout Europe, SES announced Jan. 27.
         SES and Microspace will utilize the NSS-7 satellite to enable clothing retailers to expand the reach of their North American branding initiatives, which are delivered over the AMC-1 spacecraft, to Europe.
         “Microspace has orchestrated an international success with the direct-link delivery of an innovative digital signage campaign from the United States to Europe over the SES World Skies fleet. Powerful digital imagery is a universal language and just one of many ways we’re working with Microspace to move audiences, impact consumers and help a wide range of companies build their businesses around the world,” said SES Vice President of Enterprise Solutions Andrew Ruszkowski in a statement.

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