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Orange Business Services Expands SpeedCast Partnership in Asia

By | September 23, 2009

      [Satellite TODAY 09-23-09] Orange Business Services is expanding its partnership with SpeedCast to boost support services in Asia for land and sea applications, Orange announced Sept. 22.
      SpeedCast also is providing local testing facilities as well as installation and engineering support services to Orange.
          SpeedCast has been in partnership with Orange Business Services since 2007, producing a maritime VSAT network to support offshore fleet companies and IP virtual private networks for regional banks.
          “We are very pleased to be able to build on the initial success of our partnership with SpeedCast by developing an increasing number of value added services that can be transmitted over the satellite and integrated over land-based networks, such as VoIP, ERP, e-mail and video,” Orange’s vice president of Asia Pacific global communications solutions, Eric Ng, said in a statement.

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