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Xicom Releases New Lightweight Satcom Amplifiers

By | February 4, 2009

      [Satellite Today 02-04-09] Xicom Technology unveiled a new line of lightweight high-power traveling wave tube amplifiers for domestic and international satellite communications, the company announced Feb. 3. The amplifiers operate in C- or Ku-band uplink frequencies.
          Weighing 115 pounds, the rack-mount power amplifier occupies six rack units, or 10.45 inches in height. They are designed to deliver 1.25 kilowatts of peak power with linear rated flange power of 450 watts.
          "This new high power TWTA is targeted at the single and multi-carrier satcom service providers who are driven to reduce operational costs, yet meet demanding requirements for performance and reliability,” Walt Wood, CEO of Xicom, said in a statement.