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PeopleNet Selects Quake Satellite Modems for Wireless Tracking System

By | February 3, 2009

      [Satellite Today 02-03-09] PeopleNet has chosen Quake Global to provide satellite communicators for its dual-mode wireless asset tracking, communication, and management system, Quake announced Feb. 2.
          PeopleNet will be able to provide universal coverage to its customers using a combination system of Iridium satellite service and Quake’s Q9612 modem.
          “Satellite combined with PeopleNet’s efficient broad-band network will greatly benefit fleets that operate in areas without wireless coverage, from a few remote areas of the United States to the vast northern reaches of Canada," Craig Dillon, CTO of PeopleNet, said in a statement. "Beyond that, the PeopleNet fleets that deploy our Iridium option, which utilizes Quake Global’s modem, will be qualified to do business with shippers that require satellite communication, such as the U.S. Department of Defense and hazardous materials carriers.”