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Furuno Enters MVSAT Market with Help from Eutelsat, SpeedCast

By | January 15, 2009

      [Satellite Today 01-15-09] Eutelsat Communications and SpeedCast signed a commercial agreement with maritime equipment supplier Furuno to provide auto beam switching Ku-band broadband maritime service, satellite capacity and teleport services to support Furuno’s SafeComNet service, Furuno announced Jan. 14.
          SafeComNet provides maritime fleets with communications across major shipping lanes and regions covered by Eutelsat and AsiaSat Ku-band satellites. The service targets operators of merchant shipping and fishing fleets who want to integrate enhanced on-board applications. The satellite-based broadband service also aims to enable secure offshore virtual private networks to be established with land-based offices so a vessel can become a mobile office fully integrated into an overall network.
          Compared with 2.4 meter C-band systems, Furuno said Ku-band antennas will reduce equipment costs by more than 50 percent and space occupied on deck by more than 60 percent.
          Freddie Hansen, managing director of Furuno Denmark, said the push into the MVSAT market was in response to growing demand. “Our partnership allows us to combine hardware offered by Furuno with satellite airtime services for our one-stop-shop solution of all-inclusive satellite-based broadband communications services. Our cooperation with Eutelsat and SpeedCast will help improve the connectivity at sea required by an increasing number of ship-owners worldwide,” he said in a statement.

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