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Eutelsat Satellites Launch Delayed

By | December 1, 2008

      [Satellite Today 11-28-08] Arianespace said the launch of the two Eutelsat Communications satellites will be delayed, Arianespace announced Nov. 28.
      The company said that the delay in the launch of Hot Bird 9 and W2M was due to “logistics difficulties”. Arianespace has not disclosed a new launch date as of yet. The satellites were due to be launched Dec. 10.
          Eutelsat’s Ku-band Hot Bird 9 satellite, equipped with 64 transponders, will join the operator’s 13 degrees East position to increase in-orbit sparing at the Group’s premium video neighbourhood. Hot Bird 9 is identical to Hot Bird 8, which was launched to 13 degrees East in August 2006 and Hot Bird 10, which will be orbited by Arianespace beginning of 2009.
          The W2M satellite will be positioned at Eutelsat’s 16 degrees East position, which represents one of the Group’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods for digital broadcasting in central Europe and Indian Ocean islands. Equipped with 26 Ku-band transponders and up to 32 depending on operational modes, the new satellite will replace W2 and provide additional capacity for further service expansion.

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