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Sea Launch Receives Multi-Launch Contract from Intelsat

By | November 20, 2008

      [Satellite Today 11-20-08] Sea Launch and Intelsat signed a multiple launch services contract for five missions on the Sea Launch system, the launch provider announced Nov. 20.
          Sea Launch performed two missions for Intelsat in 2008, placed the Galaxy 18 satellite in orbit in May and Galaxy 19 in September. The new missions are scheduled to begin in late 2010 and run through 2012.
          "This agreement demonstrates the long-standing partnership that Sea Launch has developed with Intelsat over several years, featuring eight successful missions to date, most recently the flawless launch of the Galaxy 19 satellite on September 24. This award, from the industry’s leading satellite operator, represents a significant addition to the Sea Launch manifest," Kjell Karlsen, president and general manager of Sea Launch, said in a statement.

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