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By | November 17, 2008

      Raytheon Gains $54 Million Multiple Kill Vehicle Contract

      The Missile Defense Agency gave Raytheon Co. [RTN] a $54 million contract to continue design and development of a Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-R).

      That MKV will counter complex ballistic missile threats during the midcourse phase of flight with multiple kill vehicles launched from a single interceptor.

      MKV-R consists of several identical kill vehicles with the same capabilities and flexibility. One kill vehicle serves as the engagement manager by communicating battlespace information to the missile defense system, simultaneously assigning targets and providing kill assessment.

      All kill vehicles have the same capability to autonomously track and intercept threats with hit-to-kill accuracy, providing redundancy and eliminating the risk of single point failure.

      Raytheon Submits Proposal For Air Force Global Broadcast Service Transition Contract

      Raytheon Co. [RTN] submitted a proposal for the Air Force Global Broadcast Service (GBS) Satellite Broadcast Manager Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) Transition contract.

      The Air Force Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., will transition GBS broadcast functionality to centralized Defense Information System Agency computing centers and position the system to meet and support the evolving needs of the warfighter.

      GBS is a worldwide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support system. Military forces receive high-speed, high-volume multimedia communications with critical intelligence and situational awareness data. This effort will integrate GBS into future net-centric operations across the global information grid.

      The Raytheon team includes video dissemination and broadcast firm Harris Corp., the DECC capacity service provider and integrator HP, and the Joint Internet Protocol Modem developer ViaSat.

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