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Global Satellite USA Launches New Iridium GPS Surveillance Device

By | November 14, 2008

      [Satellite Today 11-14-08] Global Satellite USA, an offshore industry satcom provider had launched Polaris, a new position-reporting device for monitoring and surveillance over Iridium, Global Satellite announced Nov. 14.
          Global Satellite said the device transmits GPS coordinates via satellite to a personal computer on a timed basis, from every 20 seconds to every 24 hours and the interval between transmissions can be changed remotely.
          Martin Fierstone, CEO of Global Satellite, commented, “The low transmission cost, rapid deployment and economic price means that even for small equipment that wouldn’t normally consider this high level type of tracking, Polaris provides a very attractive solution”.
          The Polaris device works on battery power alone or on external power. Global Satellite boasted its capability of sending over 4000 position reports on one battery charge – the equivalent of every half-hour for 80 days at sea or almost 14 days at 5-minute intervals.

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