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Comtech Sells Radyne Products to Asian Government Customer

By | October 31, 2008

      [Satellite Today 10-31-08] Comtech Telecommunications Corp. received a $1.8 million order for both Comtech and Radyne satellite communications equipment to be used by a government department in Asia to facilitate a network expansion, Comtech announced Oct. 30.
          Included in the order are the Comtech EF Data CDM-600 satellite modems, and the Radyne DMD20 universal satellite modems and frequency converters.
          Fred Kornberg, president and CEO of Comtech, said the acquisition of Radyne allowed his company to expand its satellite product portfolio, making the deal possible.    "Delivering on our promise to continue supporting Radyne’s customers, we are supplying both Comtech EF Data and Radyne branded products for this government network expansion project," he said in a statement.

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