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Atrexx Provides Satellite Communications for Libyan Oil Industry

By | October 30, 2008

       [Satellite Today 10-30-08] Atrexx, a telecommunication and broadcast solution provider based in Germany, has signed contracts to provide satellite communications to European suppliers in the Libyan oil and gas industry, Atrexx announced Oct. 30.
           Atrexx will provide its 2way2sat solution, a dedicated, IP-based virtual private network, to remote exploration sites and to drilling teams based in the region. The 2way2sat solution uses iDirect 5100 service modems.
          "We consider ourselves to be proactive in the identification of those industries that will benefit most from satellite-based wireless area networks,” Markus Schäfer, a spokesman for Atrexx, said in a statement. “These include primary energy suppliers as well as providers of renewable energy such as solar factories and wind farm operators.”

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