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Newtec Provides IP Trunking Solution for Gateway Communications

By | October 16, 2008

      [Satellite Today 10-16-08] Newtec received a contract from Gateway Communications to provide an end-to-end IP trunking solution to increase the bandwidth efficiency of its intercontinental data links between Europe and Africa, Newtec announced Oct. 16.
          Newtec’s Elevation DVB-S2 system has helped Gateway achieve a 50 percent increase in satellite bandwidth efficiency by allowing Gateway to combine IP trunking signals for IP and GPRS services into a single satellite carrier, Newtec said.
          “The African market in which we focus has demands on satellite capacity which continue to outstrip supply,” Chris Young, CTO at Gateway, said in a statement. “We welcome technologies that are able to increase the efficiency in our bandwidth allocation and improve the quality we offer to customers.  Higher quality, lower operational costs and the significant bandwidth gains offered by Newtec’s DVB-S2-based solution has made it the obvious choice to assist Gateway in our accelerated growth plans.”

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