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Thaicom Boosted by New Zealand Broadband Performance

By | October 8, 2008

      [Satellite Today 10-08-08] Thaicom’s satellite broadband plans in New Zealand have been boosted by the take-up of a new retail broadband package, which is “significantly” increasing subscriber numbers, Thaicom said Oct. 8.
          IPStar user terminal sales in New Zealand have jumped since the launch of a new retail broadband package, Rocket Broadband, through partner BayCity Communications Inc. Rocket Broadband was launched in June and comprises four monthly plans.
          “The launch of Rocket Broadband has been very well received by the New Zealand market and has unquestionably driven record sales for BayCity and our partners,” Duncan Boennic, general manager of BayCity Communications, said in a statement. “Our traditional customer base of rural New Zealand has found the simplicity of Rocket very compelling.”

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