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ViaSat Sees Strong U.S. Market for Satellite Broadband

By | October 2, 2008

      [Satellite News 10-02-08] ViaSat-1, scheduled to be launched in 2011, will increase satellite broadband capacity ten-fold in the United States, ViaSat Senior Vice President Tom Moore said.
          “When you total the capacity of all the other broadband satellites serving the United States — WildBlue-1, Anik F2, the Spaceway satellite — being used for broadband plus all the Ku- and C-band satellites, they add up to less than the capacity of ViaSat 1,” he said.
          ViaSat sees a strong market for this capacity. “When someone downloads a movie off of the Internet today, they are consuming the same amount of data and bandwidth that a whole household consumed in a whole month three or four years ago — about a gigabyte of data,” said Moore. “We project that in the next three or four years, that consumption demand will triple. It is a robust market.”

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