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PCI Unveils Network Configurator Tool

By | September 26, 2008

      [Satellite Today 09-26-08] Proactive Communications Inc. (PCI) has launched its PCI Network Configurator, an estimating tool to help companies understand basic system requirements for satellite communications networks, the company announced Sept. 25.
          The tool involves an interactive online form that converts basic input variables and generates customized VSAT requirements based on geography, number of users, functionality and bandwidth. End users are then able to choose the scope of services from voice, data and video along with additional services such as security levels, content filtering, quality of service, packet inspection, and antivirus protection.
           “PCI has engineered this configurator, which is long overdue in our industry, as a way for our potential customers to easily and conveniently measure more precisely what their satellite needs are before they call,” Marc LeGare CEO of PCI, said in a statement.

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