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MSS Companies Enter Agreement to Integrate Satcom with Cell Phones

By | September 22, 2008
      [Satellite Today 09-22-08] Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV), ICO Global Communications Ltd. and Qualcomm Inc. have reached an agreement to integrate satellite communications into mass-market cellular handsets and devices, the companies announced Sept. 22.

          The agreement aims to enable devices to have ubiquitous mobile communications coverage from anywhere in North America, including areas where traditional cellular service is currently unavailable or unreliable.
          As part of the agreement, Qualcomm  will integrate satellite and cellular communication technology in select multi-mode mobile baseband chips as well as develop a satellite protocol and include it in the firmware of select upcoming Qualcomm multi-mode baseband chips. Qualcomm also will support the L- and S-band frequencies in which MSV and ICO operate in select RF processors.
          The new chips are expected to be available beginning in 2010.

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