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Global Satellite Launches Iridium Maritime Network

By | September 10, 2008

      [Satellite News 09-10-08] Global Satellite has launched ComCenter ‘Outdoor’, an Iridium voice and data satellite network, designed for maritime environments, Global Satellite announced.
          The service provider claims that the addition of Iridium services completes its global coverage from pole to pole. The ComCenter Outdoor also allows single analog or multi-handset wireless base station interface via the RJ-11 port. 
          Global said that employees or crew can use calling cards or activate a line with a pre-assigned 7 digit calling ID, bypassing the calling card.  With “smart dialing” the ComCenter Outdoor knows the correct country code format and places the call once the number is entered.
          The company said that the data connect feature of the ComCenter Outdoor allows users to make direct data connections with Internet service providers. Such connections allow access to the Internet, retrieval of e-mail and the ability to send SMS text messages.

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