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Optus, Thuraya Link Up

By | July 30, 2008

      [Satellite Today 07-30-08] Optus signed a deal with Thuraya which will enable Optus to provide better mobile services to customers in rural and remote parts of Australia, the company said July 30.
          Optus will sell two of Thuraya’s new mobile handsets — a satellite only version and a GSM/satellite dual-mode handset — through Optus MobileSat dealerships and Optus business sales channels in August and continue roll out to Optus World stores and Optus wholesale partners in late 2008.
          Optus said it plans to offer services such as portable high-speed data terminals and marine kits in the future.
          “This partnership means that customers in regional areas will no longer need to carry around multiple or bulky handsets,” Paul Sheridan, head of Optus Satellite, said in a statement. “With the GSM/satellite dual-mode handset, customers will be able to use the same phone on both the Optus GSM and Thuraya Satellite networks.”

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