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SES New Skies Signs HD Capacity Deal

By | July 23, 2008

      [Satellite News 07-23-08] SES New Skies signed another capacity deal for its NSS-7 satellite, the operator said July 23.
          SM2 Sports Media Solutions, based in Greenwich, Conn., delivers sports events for broadcasters around the globe. The company has contracted 18 megahertz of bandwidth for five years on NSS-7 that will be used to deliver North American sports events in high definition (HD) to Europe for a period of five years.
          “Since our inception, we have always worked with leaders in the industry to satisfy our clients increase in appetite for HD transmission,” Susanna Mandel-Mantello, president of SM2, said in a statement. “Our move to partner with SES New Skies was just our next natural step to ensure that we had the best possible solution, both in coverage and value, for all of our clients.”

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