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ATCi Introduces Flyaway Antenna Package For Southeast Asia

By | July 18, 2008

      [Satellite Today 07-18-08] Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ACTi) introduced a specialized two-channel flyaway broadcast system geared towards specific applications in Southeast Asia, the company announced July 18.
          The new package will be part of a lease business model tailored for teleports and other commercial users in the region to purchase their own system and then lease the equipment to other entities. The system is intended to create recurring revenue for the system owner and allow commercial users to transmit events, news, disaster, sporting events, and distance learning from their own facility.
          “Broadcasters, production facilities, universities, military, government and corporations in virtually every industry and country have voiced the need to transmit their own content," ATCi CEO Gary Hatch said in a statement. “This aggressive lease/rent business model allows companies who may not have the cash flow to purchase their own system to lease one enabling them to control and transmit their own content.”

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