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Thuraya Launches New Broadband Terminal

By | July 16, 2008

      [Satellite Today 07-16-08]  Thuraya is launching a new small broadband terminal with advanced video streaming capability, the company said July 16.
          The terminal, developed by Hughes Network Systems LLC, has a built-in antenna and provides a rapid maximum reception speed of 444 kilobits per second (Kbps) and a maximum transmission speed of 202 Kbps. The terminal video streaming using dedicated channels at a speed of 384 Kbps.
          “We are already the leading operator for mobile satellite narrowband, and the launch of our new and more advanced IP offering will position us among the key players in the mobile satellite broadband market,” Yousuf Al Sayed, Thuraya’s CEO, said in a statement.
          The product is intended for markets such as oil and gas, non-governmental agencies, government, coast guards, maritime, satellite newsgathering, transport and business continuity purposes.
          Separately, Thuraya has selected NSSL as a tier one provider of ThurayaIP services, which expands on NSSL’s service agreement to supply handsets and ThurayaIP terminals.
          Prior to this agreement, NSSL purchased airtime and equipment from other third parties. The new deal gives NSSL full access to all of Thuraya’s products and services, enabling the company to offer these products to its resellers.

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