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ILS, Inmarsat Set Launch Date

By | July 1, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 7-01-08] International Launch Services (ILS) is aiming for an August. 14 launch of its Proton-M, the company’s first mission since a March launch failure, ILS announced July 1.
          The Russian rocket will carry the Inmarsat-4 F3 satellite, which will complete Inmarsat’s next-generation global satellite network.
          “Having participated in the failure review process in its entirety, I am satisfied that the appropriate actions have been taken to deal with recent failures and to reassess the quality of the Proton vehicle,” Gene Jilg, Inmarsat’s CTO, said in a statement. “Inmarsat now expects to transport the satellite to the launch site and complete certain other formalities in sufficient time to target the launch date announced today.”

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