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STM Introduces DVB-RCS Compliant Mesh VSAT System

By | June 25, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 8-25-08] STM Group has completed the development of a DVB-RCS compatible mesh VSAT network system that serves as an extension of its SatLink product platform, STM announced.
          The SatLink 1910 Mesh VSAT is enabled via a plug-in card upgrade to the current SatLink 1910, which equips the VSAT to receive burst communications on four concurrent MF-TDMA carriers.
          The SatLink product is optimized for IP-based telecom applications as well as private networks requiring concurrent single-hop connectivity among many hundreds or thousands of sites. Mesh network capabilities will also be offered by STM’s teleports, allowing for rapid deployment of small mesh using DVB-RCS compliant MF-TDMA VSATs.

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