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Integral Announces Product Certifcation

By | June 20, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 6-20-08] Integral Systems subsidiary, RT Logic has announced the successful PL4 (Protection Level 4) C&A (Certification and Accreditation) of its RTGuard Cross Domain Solution product, Integral said June 19.
          RT Logic’s RTGuard aims to be a cost-effective, low-risk, CDS (Cross Domain Solution). The PL4 C&A allows RTGuard to be quickly deployed in satellite control centers. The system provides secure, bidirectional transfer of control and status information across red/black boundaries for satellite control center applications connected to the AFSCN (Air Force Satellite Control Network) and/or dedicated remote tracking stations.
          RTGuard offers a transparent, high-assurance CDS for existing and new satellite programs using RT Logic’s Telemetrix systems such as the T505 and T508, and newer systems including the T501 and T500GT.

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