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US Monolithics Introduces New Line of Satellite Transmit and Receive Products

By | June 18, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 6-18-08] US Monolithics, a supplier of Ka-Band transceivers for consumer broadband, has launched a line of commercial C-and Ku-band satellite transmit and receive products, the company announced June 18.
          The new line of products includes C- and Ku-Band low-noise block downconverters (LNBs) and block upconverters (BUCs) specifically designed for VSAT satellite communication terminals, as well as a series of high-stability free running dielectric resonator oscillators (DRO) and PLL LNBs, Ku-band BUCs from 1 to 150 Watt, and C-band BUCs from 1 to 300 Watt .
          “We’ve leveraged the best of our technology and high-volume consumer electronics experience and are collaborating with leading original equipment manufacturers to launch a line of high performance [outdoor unit] electronics,” said Ken Crawford, vice president and general manager US Monolithics. “Now our customers can gain an advantage in cost, performance, and quality by integrating our new Outdoor Unit (ODU) products into their commercial networking products.”

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