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Thuraya Steps Up Asian Effort

By | June 17, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 6-17-08] Thuraya is ready to make a big push into Asia, after it announced June 17, that its Thuraya-3 satellite was now fully ready for commercial activities. The mobile satellite services operator hopes it can make a strong impact in the region. The company’s expanded coverage towards Asia-Pacific, including such major markets as China, Australia, Japan, Korea and Indonesia, will double the current market size and population covered by the Thuraya system, bringing two more billion people under its extensive footprint.
          The Thuraya-3 satellite was launched by Sea Launch in January this year, and has undergone a rigorous technical testing on all its ground, space and other related systems to ensure high service quality prior to commercial launch.
          Yousuf Al Sayed, Thuraya’s CEO, commented, “This is another great step achieved by Thuraya towards becoming a multi-regional mobile satellite operator serving millions around the world. We are looking forward to offering our services and solutions to the people, businesses and key trade and economical sectors in all East Asian markets.”

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