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Ondas Media Signs Satellite Deal With Netherlands

By | April 23, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 4-23-08] Ondas Media has signed an agreement with the Radio Communications Agency in the Netherlands that gives the European satellite radio company exclusive rights to construct, launch and locate up to two geostationary satellites, Ondas announced April 23.
          Ondas plans to provide satellite radio services throughout Europe, a market it estimates at 240 million vehicles and up to 600 million people. 
          “The European market is clearly segmented into two components,” Dave Krueger, COO of Ondas, said in a statement. “To work and be acceptable in the car industry the radios should receive the signals from directly above and operate in the higher frequency that car companies have already deployed in the [United States].  However, for some key applications such as handheld receivers and aftermarket radios, those devices receive better when supplemented from lower elevations, and in some cases already operate at lower frequencies. With this key agreement with Holland, we have provided a roadmap for both applications.”

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