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NSSL Ramps Up Speed To Broadband Customers

By | April 9, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 4-9-08] NSSL is ready to bring high-speed satellite broadband services to its international customer base, the operator said April 8. The international satellite communications service provider is claiming it is the first operator to offer 3 megabits (Mb) download speeds to its land and maritime broadband customers. Customers subscribing to NSSL’s premium airtime package will now see an increase of 50 percent download speeds of up to 3Mb, instead of the usual 2Mb, without any extra charges.
          “No other provider is offering such a fantastic improvement in service to its customers and at no extra cost,” said Sally Ray, NSSL sales director, in a statement. “The reason NSSL can do this is simple: having launched two state-of-the-art DVBS2-RCS (Digital Video Broadcasting – Return Channel via Satellite) gateways in Florida and California in mid 2007, we can provide additional speed, extended coverage and voice quality. This greatly enhances the communications experience for all our users. We intend to offer our customers even greater speed and better service options in the near future.”

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