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Aeronautical, Maritime Broadband To Drive MSS Growth

By | April 9, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 4-9-08] Service revenues for the aeronautical communications market will increase more than 400 percent by 2013, according to a new report by mobile satellite services (MSS) consulting firm Telecom, Media and Finance Associates Inc. (TMF) released April 8.
          The report analyzes the aeronautical communications market and projects that service revenues will grow from $120 million in 2007 to $640 million in 2013, driven by continued strength in the business jet market and steady growth in usage of new in-flight passenger communication technologies. The report also examines the opportunity for maritime broadband provides, predicting a near doubling of revenues for MSS and VSAT services from $530 million in 2007 to $980 million in 2013.
          “It is becoming increasingly clear that MSS operators must look to maritime and aeronautical broadband markets to drive their future growth,” Tim Farrar, author of the research, said in a statement. “The handheld MSS market has continued to shrink in 2007 and with recent delays in the launch of new service offerings, any recovery may not come until 2009 at best. While new VSAT offerings will compete strongly for market share in both the maritime and aeronautical sectors, we forecast continued growth for L-band services despite the difficult economic climate.”

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