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Alliant Techsystems, Ad Astra Ally For Technology Development

By | March 27, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 3-27-08] Alliant Techsystems (ATK) and Ad Astra Rocket Co. have signed an agreement to strengthen the market presence of the two companies and explore future in-space propulsion systems for lunar and planetary missions, ATK announced March 26.
          The agreement, signed March 17, will explore how the respective skill sets and capabilities of each company can be used to deliver customer solutions that neither could accomplish on their own. The agreement will facilitate the sharing of cost, technical and programmatic information in order to assess the teaming advantages that may present themselves on future launch vehicle and rocket propulsion projects.
          "We see this as a natural extension of ATK’s efforts and a critical link to bridge the gap between existing high-thrust, low-specific impulse propulsion systems and low-thrust, high-specific impulse systems to meet a variety of applications," Charles Precourt, vice president for strategy and business development for ATK Launch Systems, said in a statement.

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