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Lunasat, Satlynx Offer Broadband To Middle East, Africa

By | March 3, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 3-3-08] Satlynx and partner Lunasat are introducing a range of broadband services in the Middle East and African markets, Satlynx announced March 3.
          The services offered by Lunasat, which are based on the Satlynx Direct platform,  build on VSAT hub and modem technologies from iDirect and the Satlynx teleport facilities in Leuk, Switzerland. The Leuk teleport hosts the VSAT hub and has direct terrestrial connections to London and New York, giving end users direct access to the U.S. and European Internet backbones.
          "We are thrilled to introduce these services operated by Satlynx and based on iDirect technology" Ziad Monla, CEO of Lunasat, said in a statement. "Lunasat’s applications and modus operandi combined with Satlynx’s facilities will provide these key markets with extremely stable and cost-effective solutions.”

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