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Integral Develops Dashboard For Ground System Analysis

By | February 29, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 2-29-08] Integral Systems Inc. has developed a control system feature that will provide customers with the ability to view and analyze ground system data, the company announced Feb. 25.
          The Enterprise Executive Dashboard allows customers to view and analyze critical data from across the entire ground system, apply business logic to raw data and generate/display key performance indicators using highly graphical and interactive web-based displays.
          “There’s a wealth of critical data available from different portions of the satellite ground infrastructure. If this data is properly mined, analyzed, and displayed, it can offer great value to executive managers and operations personnel,” Stuart Daughtridge, executive vice president of Integral’s commercial division, said in a statement. “We’re confident that this Executive Dashboard will be a powerful tool that will allow our customers to exploit the benefits of Integral’s integrated solutions, not just in their control centers, but in all aspects of their business.”

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