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Rascom-QAF1 Injected Into Final Orbit

By | February 4, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 2-4-08] The Rascom-QAF1 satellite has been moved into its final geostationary orbit at 2.85Ëš East, Thales Alenia Space announced Feb. 4.
          The spacecraft carries 12 Ku-band and eight C-band transponders intended to provide telecommunications services in rural parts of Africa as well as domestic and international connections, direct TV broadcast services and Internet access. The satellite had an expected lifetime of 15 years, but that number is expected to be cut drastically due to a helium leak discovered shortly after its December launch.
          This final injection has been made possible thanks to a procedure developed by Thales Alenia Space based on the best possible use of the satellite’s remaining helium pressurant, Thales said.

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