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GPS Market Will Grow, Expand

By | January 16, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 1-16-08] By 2013, more than 900 million GPS devices and systems will have been sold, according to a new study by ABI Research released Jan. 16.
          The study, "Global Navigation Satellite Positioning Solutions," examines the many different applications and market segments of GPS-technology with detailed descriptions of products, market players, trends, drivers and barriers.
          "Personal Navigation Devices for in-car use will be increasingly complemented by converged solutions based on GPS-enabled handsets for pedestrian navigation and Location Based Services," says ABI Research principal analyst Dominique Bonte. "However, GNSS technologies will have to be combined with other positioning solutions such as A-GPS, Wi-Fi, and dead reckoning to address the indoor coverage issue. Dedicated GPS devices will remain the preferred option for specific applications and environments such as outdoors, marine, recreational aviation, and tracking of people and animals." 
      While in-car navigation will remain the most important application of GPS technology, the use of GPS in many other consumer, business, and industrial environments such as telematics and asset tracking will continue to grow, ABI predicts.

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