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Swiss Investment Firms Considers Acquisition Of SkyDSL Operator

By | January 7, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 1-7-08] Mountain Super Angel AG, a Swiss investment company, signed an agreement with Teles AG to potentially acquire 80 percent of Berlin-based Teles Wireless Broadband Internet GmbH, Mountain Super Angel announced Jan. 3.
          Teles operates the European broadband Internet service SkyDSL, and Mountain Super Angel has until Jan. 28 to take up the option of acquiring Teles.
          "SkyDSL is complementary to our activities in the field of broadband internet", Daniel Wenzel, Mountain Super Angel board member, said in a statement. "Within the Mountain Group we are already invested in WiMax technologies with Mvox AG. Mvox is already servicing rural areas with broadband internet in Germany. SkyDSL is the basis for our European rollout."

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