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Garmin To Use Sarantel Antennas In New Receiver Line

By | January 4, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 1-4-08] GPS manufacturer Garmin has partnered with Sarantel to provide antennas for Garmin’s Colorado range of handheld GPS receivers, Garmin announced Jan. 4.
          New features including an input device that allows for one-handed operation, shaded-relief and satellite imagery mapping and a color 3-inch screen with high resolution.
          “Up to this point the challenge for GPS receiver manufacturers has been to develop a GPS product that works effectively and accurately but matching these performance requirements to an aesthetically pleasing, ever shrinking package is becoming increasingly difficult,” David Wither, chief executive of Sarantel, said in a statement. “Advances in antenna technology now mean that, for the first time, consumers can benefit from high performance in a small hand-held package.”

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